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Meta Integration

Meta provides businesses with the tools and capabilities to create, manage, and optimize highly targeted and engaging ad campaigns on the Facebook platform. With advanced targeting options, customizable ad formats, and robust analytics, businesses can reach their target audience effectively, drive engagement, and achieve their advertising goals on Meta.

Key features of Orbee's Meta integration

Branding specific advertising

Up-to-date inventory-based advertising

Custom Audiences built from Orbee segments within the dealer sites

Effective Lookalike Audiences based on Orbee's rich customer data

Meta Integration Overview

Meta is the most popular networking social media platform across all age groups. Combining the reach with industry-leading privacy measures and a robust in-platform business manager, Meta provides Orbee, as well as our clients, a wide network of potential customers to target with our catered advertising.

Orbee utilizes website event segmentation and combines it with Meta’s pixel to track events that a user triggers on a dealer’s site. These users are then added into several custom audiences Orbee automatically creates for the dealer on Facebook. Custom audiences allow advertisers to retarget more specific ads to the users that are more likely to buy a vehicle.

Orbee directly pulls dealer inventory data from their inventory providers for up-to-date vehicle stock information. This inventory feed is uploaded to a dealer’s Facebook commerce manager on an hourly basis. Orbee uses the feed to create and deliver a dynamic carousel of automotive inventory ads (AIA), our most successful ad format.

Meta Segments

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