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TikTok Integration

TikTok for Business offers targeted marketing solutions with a variety of ad formats and creative tools to help businesses reach their audience effectively.

Key features of Orbee's TikTok integration

Converts any action taken by a website visitor into a web event, enhancing the capability to build detailed custom audiences on TikTok

Tracks a variety of actions, like VDP Page Views and Service Page Views, for audience building

Utilizes customer interactions from dealership websites for targeted TikTok advertising

Custom events are activated on TikTok within 12 to 24 hours for timely audience targeting

TikTok Integration Overview

Orbee's Tag Management now integrates TikTok pixels, allowing advertisers to craft custom audiences based on website activities. This integration enables event-driven targeting through Orbee’s Tag Manager, which can fire TikTok pixels along with other advertising channels.

Dealerships can now leverage this to translate customer interactions on their websites, such as VDP Page Views, Service Page Views, and Trade-in Starts, into TikTok events. These custom events are then visible on TikTok within 12 to 24 hours, enabling precise and effective targeting for car inventory advertisements. Additionally, any visitor action on the dealership's website can be converted into a web event for building custom audiences within TikTok.

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