Product Update

Manage TikTok Pixels and Custom Audiences

Launched on:
December 14, 2023

Orbee’s Tag Manager can now fire TikTok pixels alongside all the other advertising channels you currently reach your audience. This allows for event-driven targeting, not only increases ad engagement but also ensures that the advertised content resonates with viewers. Dealerships can use tracked customer interactions from dealership websites to fire events on Tiktok to advertise cars in their inventory. Custom events will appear in TikTok within 12 to 24 hours after activation, facilitating targeted advertising. 

Example of events firing into TikTok’s Audience Management Platform:

  • VDP Page View
  • Service Page View
  • Trade-in Started
  • Visited the website more than 3 times
  • Visited the website from

Virtually any action that a website visitor takes on a website can be translated into a web event that can later be used to build custom audiences within TikTok.

To learn more about the other advertising platforms we are supporting, visit our integrations page.

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