Orbee Auto Adds Inventory Campaign Management to its Marketing Cloud

Orbee Auto (www.orbeeauto.com) today introduced new marketing tools that enable its dealership customers to utilize their rich inventory data to create marketing and remarketing campaigns that increase traffic of qualified shoppers. Inventory- based landing pages include intelligent search results pages (SRPs), vehicle detail pages (VDPs), and even curated vehicle pages. 

In the Orbee Auto Platform, auto dealers have the ability to explore and analyze their entire vehicle inventory through connected data feeds from HomeNet, DealerOn, vAuto, and other feed providers with new integrations being added regularly. Dealerships can then create inventory sets using Quick Start to use preset filters such as old and new vehicles or the 50 oldest vehicles; Custom Filters to optimize their ads with vehicle sets unique to dealership specials and 

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strategies; Manual Selection to handpick cars for targeted ad campaigns; and Intelligent Sets to leverage machine learning algorithms including velocity and collaborative filtering. 

In one case, Florida Fine Cars uses vehicle sets to complement their search ads by featuring a specific list of VINs they want to drive traffic to and is seeing positive results. “Vehicle-specific marketing across search, social, and email has been an important part of our marketing mix and using Orbee Auto’s vehicle sets feature has made it dead simple to A/B test different campaigns,” stated Jamie Suid, Marketing Director of Florida Fine Cars. 

“This capability offers dealerships a practical advertising strategy the same way retail stores utilize inventory data to dynamically manage millions of ads,” said Atul Patel, who leads product development at Orbee Auto. “We have seen real tangible results from the use of this new capability, and we are excited to make this available to the rest of our customers in an effort to drive more innovation in automotive advertising.” Based on data from a dealership utilizing the solution now, shoppers who were shown advertising of similar vehicles to those they viewed had a CPL of $2.76, a 65% reduction compared to shoppers shown only the cars they viewed which had a CPL of $7.84. 

Combined with Orbee’s proprietary analytics and marketing automation, Orbee transforms what is simple inventory management into a powerful marketing tool for dealers. “With my experience as a Marketing Manager before entering the automotive space, it was clear that this industry is very behind in terms of sophisticated marketing involving AI and automation,” stated Gina-Maria Garcia, Marketing Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel. “Orbee Auto’s Inventory Management platform is the automation tool that every dealership is missing to successfully execute complex and highly-targeted campaigns. With just one month of their platform, leads increased 30% MoM, making this a much needed tool that proves ROI.” 

Unlike generic ad campaigns for a dealership brand and models, vehicle sets enable more intelligent and personalized targeting. Campaigns are automatically created and launched or are deactivated based on inventory changes in real-time, and the platform’s inventory crawler automatically augments inventory feeds with relevant media and metadata to generate automated ad copy and creative assets. 

To take full advantage of these powerful capabilities, dealerships can also tap into Orbee Auto’s managed services and customer success team to learn and apply best practices. “The team assists me in uncovering new marketing opportunities inside my dealership’s inventory data and how they apply this to search and social marketing has made a big impact on shopper behavior,” stated Scott Robert, Ecommerce Marketing Manager of Lithia Hyundai of Reno. 

Starting today, Inventory Management in the Orbee Auto Platform is available to all Orbee Auto customers. To learn more, email sales@orbeeauto.com or visit www.orbeeauto.com/get-started to schedule a demo. 

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