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The Buying Journey Unlocked Through Orbee’s New Matchback Report

Launched on:
April 30, 2024

The Matchback Report is a powerful solution designed to enhance customer journey analysis within the Orbee platform. This report utilizes CRM and DMS Sold Data to pinpoint all the marketing sources and campaigns that had an impact on a buyer's decision. This level of transparency reveals the effectiveness of different marketing efforts, enabling dealerships to optimize their budgets by allocating more resources to the highest-performing sources.

Key Components of the Sales Matchback Report


At the heart of every matchback report are the buyers themselves—the individuals who have completed a purchase, sealing the deal on a new vehicle. By ingesting a list of buyers from an integrated CRM or DMS, we can start to match these buyers with profiles within Orbee’s CDP shopper profiles.

Identified Buyers

In the world of matchback reporting, the term "identified buyers" takes on special significance. These are the customers who have not only made a purchase but have also left digital breadcrumbs—clicking on email links or filling out forms—that allow us to recognize them within our customer data platform. By unifying their CRM or DMS records with their online interactions, we unlock a deeper understanding of their journey, enabling us to truly identify all of the sources and campaigns that influenced their buying decisions.

Identified Buyers Visit Source and Conversion Source

The Identified Buyers Visit Source tracks where visitors who eventually make purchases originate from, allowing dealerships to identify the most effective marketing channels such as organic search, paid ads, or social media. This insight helps in understanding which efforts are drawing the right audience.

Meanwhile, the Conversion Source pinpoints the channels through which actual conversions—like click-to-call or form submissions—are made. This is key for assessing the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns and optimizing pathways to conversion.

Together, these metrics show where buyers are coming from which is crucial for refining marketing strategies, effectively allocating budgets, and enhancing overall marketing performance by concentrating on the most productive channels.

Buyer and Non Buyer Conversions

Buyer and Non-Buyer Conversions categorize the complete range of conversion activities on a website, distinguishing between those who end up making a purchase and those who have converted but not yet purchased a vehicle. 

Buyer conversions focus on visitors who finalize a purchase, providing insights into the effectiveness of sales tactics and marketing strategies. Non-buyer conversions, though not resulting in immediate sales, are still crucial as they signify engagement and potential future transactions. By analyzing both types of conversions, dealerships can gain a comprehensive understanding of how different resources, campaigns, or channels contribute to overall engagement and conversion rates. 

Buyer and Non Buyer Conversions by Source Medium

Buyer Conversions by Source Medium includes everyone who completes a purchase, helping dealerships understand how many visitors are converted into paying customers and identifying which marketing channels or campaigns are most effective. 

Non-Buyer Conversions by Source Medium tracks conversions that do not result in sales, providing insight into which aspects of the marketing strategy successfully engage users without directly leading to purchases. 

Together, these metrics can show users where buyers and non buyers are coming from, offering a comprehensive view of how different channels contribute to both purchasing and non-purchasing actions, aiding in the optimization of marketing efforts and resource allocation.

Refocus Your Marketing Efforts

Explore our new Sales Matchback Solution page on our website to discover more about this transformative report, its functionality, and the integrations we offer with major DMS and CRM systems like Dealertrack, CDK Drive, VinSolutions, and DealerSocket. Learn more on how you can trace your digital marketing efforts to actual sales, optimize your strategies, and significantly enhance your return on investment.

If you're ready to activate this report within your existing account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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