Product Update

What's New in August 2023? New On-site Product, eLead Integration Update, and More!

Viewed Vehicle Corner Overlay

Orbee's Viewed Vehicle Corner Overlay is a powerful feature that seamlessly integrates into dealership websites, providing personalized call-to-action tools. It emphasizes low-funnel intent through 1:1 shopper retargeting, offers customizable CTAs, click-to-call functionality with call tracking, and vendor integrations for chat and trade-in. Dealerships can personalize the feature's design, colors, and text options, aligning it with their brand identity. By leveraging this feature, dealerships can enhance customer engagement, improve user experience, and drive conversions with targeted and relevant messaging.

Key Features: 

- Emphasizes low-funnel intent through 1:1 shopper retargeting

- Customizable CTAs tailored to specific business needs

- Click-to-Call with call tracking for customer convenience

- Custom landing pages optimized for conversions

- Integrations with chat and trade-in vendors for seamless customer interactions

- Sends shopper leads directly to the CRM for efficient follow-up

- Customizable design options (colors and text) to align with brand identity

Learn more about Orbee’s Website Personalization Product.

eLead Postback Email Activity

Screenshot showing Orbee Email Activity posted into a eLead CRM

With the new eLead Postback Email Activity feature, Orbee's integration with eLead CRM enables seamless tracking of email activity. Dealerships can now receive email campaign and automated email information directly in their CRM record, providing valuable insights into the customer's engagement with Orbee's platform. Stay informed and make more informed decisions with this enhanced email activity tracking capability.

Learn more about Orbee’s integration with eLead CRM.

Cartender Automated Inventory Sync

Orbee’s integration with Cartender now allows for dealerships to keep their available vehicle inventory synced up with the Cartender Platform. This will allow dealerships to:

Showcase Inventory with Engaging Videos

Dealerships can now leverage Cartender's expertise to create visually appealing videos that effectively showcase their inventory, captivating potential customers and highlighting key features of the vehicles.

Seamless Data Transfer via SFTP

Orbee's integration with Cartender streamlines the process by enabling seamless data transfer from Orbee to Cartender through SFTP, ensuring efficient and secure data exchange.

Learn more about Orbee’s integration with Cartender.

Bulk Update Merge Tags

Users can now upload a CSV file to update an accounts email marketing merge tags. By adding this feature users can easily update merge tags and make sure the values are correct before sending email campaigns.

This is a new and convenient feature added to our email marketing system. With this enhancement, users can now upload a list of merge tags directly through the user interface, eliminating the need to request the list to be uploaded to the database. This feature allows for easy and efficient updates to merge tags, ensuring accuracy and correctness before sending out email campaigns. 

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