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What's New in October 2023? On-site Custom SRP Update, Editable UTM Parameters, and More!

Launched on:
October 9, 2023

On-site Custom SRP Page Enhancements

This feature incorporates several key enhancements aimed at providing users with more insightful and efficient navigation. One notable improvement is the intelligent display of sold vehicles in the viewed vehicles section. Users will now find these vehicles included, accompanied by a clear note indicating their sold status, ensuring transparency and user awareness. Additionally, the introduction of a 'red pill' icon in the top right corner of the interface streamlines navigation, making it even more user-friendly.

Furthermore, the reordering of tabs, with the 'Lowest Priced' tab moved to the forefront, grants shoppers swift access to pricing which is especially important during events where that was the determining factor for shoppers. The addition of a placeholder image for viewed vehicles lacking images ensures a consistent visual experience throughout the platform. To enhance tracking and analysis, ad reporting labels have been updated, introducing a new data attribute called "image_index." This addition enables a clearer differentiation of user behavior, distinguishing between clicks on vehicles near the top of the list and those at the bottom. Overall, the On-site Custom SRP Page represents a significant step toward improving user engagement and understanding on the Orbee platform.

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Editable UTM Parameters for Enhanced Campaign Management

Editable Parameters Example

This feature update signifies an enhancement in campaign management capabilities. It empowers users with the ability to efficiently access and modify UTM parameters directly within campaign details, simplifying tracking parameter adjustments. Now, users can easily set custom UTM parameters, including Source, Medium, and Campaign, for their email campaigns, replacing the generic values of Source: Orbee, Medium: Email, and Campaign: the name of the email campaign.

Furthermore, this streamlined process not only saves time but also reduces the risk of tracking errors, ensuring campaign data remains accurate and up-to-date. For internal purposes, users can also set default content and term UTM parameters, although they are typically not used for marketing purposes. This feature promotes better internal collaboration by allowing users to review content and terminology related to specific UTM parameters within the campaign details. This collaborative approach fosters clearer communication and alignment among team members, contributing to the overall success of marketing campaigns. In essence, the "Make UTM Parameters Editable" feature promises a more effective and precise campaign tracking experience, ultimately enhancing marketing endeavors.

Orbee's Public API for Seamless Script Token Retrieval

API Token Retrieval Visual

Starting with Dealer Inspire, we now provide API integrations with Web Vendors to quickly and correctly install Orbee scripts and integrations on your website, thereby eliminating manual workflows and email threads. This streamlined process integrates directly with Orbee's API to fetch the script token for specific accounts.

This feature introduces a public API endpoint tailored to simplify the process of obtaining enrollment script tokens, significantly enhancing the platform's user experience. Users can now effortlessly retrieve enrollment script tokens by providing specific parameters like the dealer code, offer type, and OEM. Upon request, the API generates a response containing the script token and, when available, an installation URL. This URL is designed for seamless integration into users' systems and includes both the script token and the dealer's domain. This feature not only streamlines token retrieval but also boosts workflow efficiency and overall user experience. 

Enriched CRM Integration with Onsite Forms

CRM Integration with Onsite Forms Diagram

The latest platform update heralds a significant leap in lead management, as the "Update leads" service now harmonizes seamlessly with the newly integrated "onsite-form" feature. This evolution marks a dedication to elevating lead generation and data collection processes, ensuring a more streamlined and enriching user experience.

What sets this update apart is its capacity to collect more than just the conventional lead fields; it now captures every data point in the form, directly linking it to lead submissions. This represents a departure from the previous standard, which primarily focused on capturing name, email, phone number, and address. With this enhancement, leads stemming from forms featuring non-standard input fields, encompassing diverse queries like car servicing preferences and scheduling flexibility, are adeptly harvested and meticulously organized within the leads table. An intelligent identifier system, grounded in attributes with "orb-..." prefixes in the form, ensures precise identification and categorization of these unique form values. Beyond comprehensive data collection, this update paves the way for seamless integration of these enriched leads into customer CRMs, significantly amplifying lead management efficiency and user satisfaction. The commitment to delivering robust, user-centric lead management tools takes a giant leap forward with this update, underscoring our unwavering dedication to user success.

Streamline Lead Management with Search Function for Third-Party Leads

Lead Management Settings Example

Orbee's platform continues to evolve to better serve its users, and the latest addition is the introduction of a highly anticipated feature - the inclusion of a search function within third-party leads. This feature responds to a critical requirement in efficient lead management, providing users with the invaluable capability to perform targeted searches within their third-party leads seamlessly.

With this new feature, users now have a straightforward and effective means to locate specific leads within their extensive lead database. The result is a streamlined workflow and significant time savings, contributing to improved user efficiency and organization in the handling of third-party leads. Orbee's commitment to enhancing its platform underscores its dedication to providing practical solutions that align with users' needs. In addition, this small yet impactful feature eliminates the need for users to search using a date range on the Profiles page, allowing them to search for leads without specifying a date range, enhancing overall usability.

Enhanced Email List Parsing

Enhanced Email List Diagram

In a recent system update, a significant enhancement has been introduced, focusing on the parsing of email lists and uploaded records. This new feature addresses a common challenge in data management – handling lists with multiple email entries separated by commas or semicolons. This intelligent feature now automatically splits such entries and selects the first email address, streamlining subsequent validation processes. If a single row in your uploaded email list has something like `;`, we will now split and take the first email for that row. Historically, concatenated emails are invalid and would be dropped, which usually occurs when lists are uploaded or pulled in from an integration that contain multiple emails in one record. This addition is in line with the ongoing commitment to improve data accuracy and workflow efficiency. The engineering team has successfully implemented this feature, offering users a more seamless data management experience.

Unleashing Vendor Insights with Enhanced List Parsing and Metadata Capture

Vendor Insights Process Diagram

The recent platform update introduces a significant feature enhancement aimed at streamlining email list management. It enables the division of emails during the process of list parsing and when handling uploaded lists. 

The key highlight of this update is the revamped metadata plugin, now capable of capturing an extended range of vendor data. Notably, it has been tailored to accommodate metadata requirements for several prominent vendors, including FusionZone, Ansira, and NabThat. This expansion enhances the platform's ability to extract and utilize valuable metadata, particularly for enriching the Vehicle Display Page (VDP) views associated with these vendors. This feature empowers users with more comprehensive insights, allowing for more effective and data-driven marketing campaigns. It's a substantial stride toward achieving enhanced email marketing outcomes.

Cookie Consent Form Monitoring Plugin

Orbee introduces a new plugin designed to enhance user privacy and data consent monitoring. This feature enables users to closely track the activation of cookie consent forms on their dealer websites. The plugin will allow users to effectively monitor these forms' activity, which is crucial for compliance with privacy regulations. This is an internal feature that can be enabled upon request via your CSM. 

The plugin checks for the presence of the consent cookies and, based on consent categories, determines whether the user has allowed or declined cookie settings or has yet to provide consent. It achieves this through event tracking, clearly indicating user consent status as 'allow,' 'decline,' or 'omit.' Moreover, this plugin offers flexibility by allowing users to enable or disable various analytics systems and features, including personalization and analytics. In doing so, it provides dealers with the tools they need to tailor their data handling to meet their specific requirements and privacy policies. 

Personalized Vehicle Recommendations

This update empowers dealers to provide highly personalized vehicle recommendations to their customers. This recommendation engine is fueled by a combination of data sources, including vehicles saved in the CRM, DMS, and their users’ web activities. By harnessing this wealth of data, dealers can now offer tailored vehicle suggestions that align precisely with each shopper's preferences and browsing history. What's more, these vehicle recommendations seamlessly integrate into all personalized experiences across the platform, ensuring that customers encounter the right vehicles at every touchpoint, from emails to website visits. 

Miscellaneous Platform Fixes

Simplify Asset Cleanup with Bulk/Select Delete

The Orbee Platform introduces a significant enhancement with the inclusion of the Bulk/Select Delete feature in its Asset Manager. This new feature empowers users to effectively manage their dealership assets by enabling them to perform bulk or selective deletions. It proves to be particularly valuable in situations where erroneous asset uploads need correction or when outdated files require removal. By streamlining the asset management process, this feature complements the existing functionalities within the Orbee Platform, offering users a comprehensive solution for efficient asset management.

Create Chapman Vendor Plugin

Chapman has introduced a new web vendor plugin feature aimed at bolstering the accuracy of analytics and page tagging on their website. Initially focused on refining page tagging precision, this feature holds potential for future expansion. Its primary purpose is to enable more precise tracking of user actions, especially in cases where varying vendors implement actions differently, such as filtering by year, make, model, and more. Chapman's creation of a specialized web vendor plugin for JD Power and other vendors underscores their commitment to optimizing website performance. This ensures that users visiting their Honda and Acura dealership websites in Tucson, AZ, can enjoy more tailored and improved browsing experiences.

New Alignment Options in OrbDataTable

In the recent update, OrbDataTable introduces an important feature that allows for the alignment of headers and data in three distinct ways: left, right, or center. This addition significantly enhances readability and accessibility within the platform. Users can now conveniently customize the alignment of headers and data to suit their specific design and usability preferences, thereby improving the overall user experience. This feature underscores the platform's commitment to delivering adaptable and user-friendly tools that cater to a wide range of user requirements. Although this is still an internal feature as of now, dealers can request their CSM to enable it in the platform. 

Sorting Functionality in Orbee's Segments Controller

The introduction of the "Add sort to segments page" feature marks a notable advancement in the Orbee Platform's capabilities. This enhancement empowers users with the ability to organize and manage segments more efficiently through sorting options. By implementing sorting functionality into the segments controller, users can now easily categorize and locate segments based on specific criteria. This addition enhances the overall user experience within the Orbee Platform, ensuring a more streamlined and user-friendly approach to segment management.

Admin API's Asset Delete Functionality

The recently introduced functionality to the Admin API's asset delete endpoint marks a noteworthy advancement in asset management capabilities. In the past, users were limited to adding assets without the ability to remove them when required. With this new feature, the process gains depth and convenience, enabling effortless asset removal as needed. This enhancement simplifies asset management, ensuring a streamlined and optimized workflow. It stands as a valuable addition, enhancing the overall user experience and granting users greater control over their asset management procedures.

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