Product Update

Analyze & Retarget TradePending Abandonments With Orbee’s Integration

Launched on:
January 5, 2024

Orbee enhances its integration with TradePending by supporting their Buying Power and Get Prequalified widgets. This integration enriches shopper profiles with deeper insights into their interactions within TradePending products.

Richer Shopper Profiles: The integration offers detailed data on customer interactions, enabling dealerships to understand and segment their audience more effectively.

Behavioral Insights and Segmentation: Orbee can now segment shoppers based on their specific actions within TradePending products, leading to more tailored marketing strategies.

Targeted Retargeting: Dealerships can re-engage shoppers who have abandoned TradePending forms through personalized campaigns across multiple channels, including email, on-site messaging, and digital ads. 

Example of TradePending Events Collected by Orbee

Example of TradePending Events Collected by Orbee

Discover the full potential of Orbee's platform by exploring our Platform Overview, where you can uncover a variety of features that leverage TradePending data, enhancing your customer engagement strategies. Eager to see these tools in action? Visit Orbee's Get Started page to sign up for a demo or contact your Customer Success Manager for detailed insights.

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