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What’s New in November? ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification, CarNow Integration, Microsoft Inventory Catalog Feed, and More!

Launched on:
November 15, 2023

Orbee Community

With the launch of Orbee Community, we aim to connect our current users for mutual learning and sharing of innovative marketing strategies. In this interactive forum, members can stay up-to-date with the latest Orbee features, exchange success stories, and collaborate on navigating digital marketing challenges. 

The Orbee Community is launching with 8 different forums including: 

1. Get Started: This is the perfect starting point for new members of the Orbee Community. Here, users can find helpful resources, guides, and tips on how to navigate and make the most out of the community and Orbee’s offerings.

2. News And Announcements: Stay updated with the latest news, updates, and announcements from Orbee. This category provides timely and official information about product launches, company events, and significant changes or enhancements to the Orbee platform.

3. Strategies: Dive deep into effective strategies and best practices within this category. Members can share, discuss, and learn about various approaches and techniques to maximize the impact of their marketing and analytics efforts using Orbee’s tools.

4. Platform Ideas: Have an idea to improve Orbee’s platform? This is the place to share it! Users can submit their suggestions, discuss potential enhancements, and collaborate on ideas to help shape the future of Orbee.

5. Early Access Program: Get a sneak peek and early access to upcoming features and improvements in Orbee’s platform. Members of this category can test new functionalities, provide feedback, and help refine the user experience before official release.

6. Community Feedback: Orbee values user input. This category is dedicated to collecting and discussing feedback from the community. Users can share their thoughts on what’s working well, what could be improved, and provide suggestions for future updates.

7. All About Analytics: Dive into the world of data and analytics with discussions, advice, and insights in this category. Whether you’re a data expert or just starting, this space is perfect for learning and sharing knowledge about analytics and data-driven strategies.

8. General Discussion: A space for members to engage in conversations on a wide array of topics. Whether it’s related to Orbee, the industry, or just a general chat, this category fosters a sense of community and connection among members.

Each of these categories plays a vital role in building a supportive and collaborative environment within the Orbee Community, allowing members to learn, share, and grow together. 

Create your Orbee Community account and start exploring today!

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

We are pleased to announce that Orbee has achieved ISO 27001 compliance, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security management. ISO 27001 is a global standard that provides a framework for businesses across various industries to develop and maintain a robust information security management system (ISMS), ensuring effective data security risk management and compliance with best practices.

Amid rising cyber threats, ISO 27001 aids organizations in proactively managing risks through a comprehensive approach to information security, enhancing cyber-resilience and operational efficiency. Attaining ISO 27001 compliance is a testament to the rigorous processes and policies we have put in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in our care. We understand the importance of trust in our relationships with partners and customers, and this achievement is a crucial step in fortifying that trust. 

Click here to learn more about our security compliance in our latest press release.

Toyota SmartPath x GA4

Orbee introduces a transformative adapter for Toyota dealers using SmartPath Digital Retailing, seamlessly firing ASC Event Data into GA4. This integration enhances customer insights by merging the analytical capabilities of GA4 with Orbee's advanced technology, offering a unified view of customer behaviors and interactions. 

Toyota dealers can now enjoy streamlined data integration and personalized marketing strategies, thanks to this new development. For implementation, dealers are encouraged to contact Orbee through our Get Started Form or reaching out to your Orbee Representative. This initiative, highlighted by Brian Pasch, marks a significant step forward in digital retail solutions for Toyota dealerships.

Integrating Inventory Feeds with Microsoft’s Inventory Catalog

The purpose of this feature was to leverage Microsoft Bing Ads to boost your vehicle inventory's visibility by directly integrating detailed listings for targeted promotions on Bing. This streamlined process ensures your cars are showcased to potential buyers based on their search behaviors, enhancing exposure and engagement. Utilize performance tracking and analytics provided by Bing to continuously optimize your ads, driving effective vehicle marketing and connecting with interested buyers efficiently. To break it down, we convert your car inventory into a .csv file, which is a type of document easily read by Microsoft’s inventory catalogs. Although the initial setup of the account requires a manual step, everything after that is smooth sailing. We place the .csv file link in Microsoft Advertising and set up an automatic daily upload, so you don’t have to worry about updating it yourself.

Integrating Inventory Feeds with Microsoft’s Inventory Catalog Diagram

CarNow Chat Engagement Monitor Plugin

This plugin is a feature meticulously designed to enhance user interaction and data tracking within the CarNow chat service. It is engineered to capture events in the user's journey, marking essential events including:

  • CarNow Chat Opened
  • CarNow Chat Closed
  • CarNow Chat Started
  • CarNow Chat Replied

Dealerships are now empowered to segment their potential buyers according to these specific interactions and engagements on their website. Utilizing this insightful data paves the way for making more informed and strategic marketing decisions. By implementing this feature, dealerships can expect a seamless integration that provides a comprehensive view of chat interactions, aiding in the analysis and improvement of customer engagement strategies. 

Learn more about Orbee’s integration with CarNow.

Script Injection Monitoring for Enhanced Website Control

To maintain transparency and offer users a comprehensive understanding of their website's functionalities, Orbee meticulously tracks the injection of scripts onto your website. This ensures you have access to a complete audit log detailing the placement and purpose of installed scripts. This function is vital for pinpointing sections of your website where scripts might need to be modified or removed, ensuring they only appear on pertinent pages and content.

This feature is intentionally built to provide insights into when a script is added and when the script is firing, giving both developers and users an additional level of oversight and command over your website’s functionality. This grants a vital layer of transparency and governance over the website's operations. 

Script Injection Monitor Diagram

Enhancing Email Campaign Insights with New Triggered Email Metrics

Elevate your email marketing insights with our latest feature, as we introduce 'processed' and 'dropped' metrics to give you a clearer view of your campaign's reach and effectiveness. The 'processed' count shows you the total number of emails that were sent out, helping you grasp the full scope of your campaign. Meanwhile, 'dropped' reveals the emails that couldn’t make it to the inbox, highlighting the difference between how many you sent and how many actually landed. This enhancement ensures you have the precise data you need to optimize your strategies, ensuring more of your emails hit their mark, and boosting the overall success of your campaigns.

New Triggered Email Metrics Example

Custom Fonts Now Available in Orbee's Email Builder

This feature allows users to seamlessly integrate and utilize custom fonts within their email templates, directly through the email marketing user interface. This development comes as a response to the growing need for personalized and visually engaging email content, providing users with the capability to enrich their communications and stand out in the crowded inbox. Currently, the option to add a specific font, such as 'Comfortaa' from Google Fonts, is available through backend processes, with this feature simplifying the task, making it more accessible and user-friendly. The engineering team has meticulously reviewed and set this feature live, ensuring its seamless integration into the Orbee platform, and a linked engineering ticket has been provided for reference and detailed insights. 

Organization-Level Controls for Efficient Account Management


Taking efficiency to the next level with our enhanced organizational structure, designed to make managing multiple accounts as smooth as possible. This feature allows a bucket of accounts, or ‘organizations,’ to apply a wide range of settings across all their accounts in one go, ensuring uniformity and saving precious time. Administrators now have the power to streamline their workflow, maintain consistency across the board, and reduce the chance of any mistakes during manual setup. It’s all about giving you a hassle-free experience, making sure everything runs smoothly, and putting the control back in your hands for managing settings at a larger scale. 

Organization-Level Controls Diagram

Email Campaign Duplication

This feature introduces the ability to duplicate email campaigns, a feature inspired by user feedback. This functionality enables users to quickly replicate an existing email campaign, maintaining all its original settings. The duplicated campaign is initially named "COPY OF [original campaign name]", which can be edited for differentiation. This tool is designed to streamline the campaign setup process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. It's located in the campaign dropdown menu for easy access. 

Optimizing Vendor Table Access for Smoother Data Handling

This feature is aimed at enhancing data management capabilities. The 'required_tables' field lists the tables that need to be joined prior to accessing a specific vendor table, streamlining the process of table integration and data handling. This functional improvement is a testament to our commitment to continuously advancing our platform's capabilities, ensuring a more efficient and user-centric experience in data management.

Tracking More Website Events from Trade-In Tools

This feature highlights a significant enhancement with the integration of Trade-In Plugins. It incorporates well-known services like Kelly Blue Book, Valet Trade-In, and Car and Driver Trade-In, aiming to streamline the vehicle trade-in process. The update includes key event tracking capabilities: 

  • 'Tradein-Start' → monitor the initiation of the trade-in process
  • 'Tradein-VehicleInfo' → track the completion of vehicle information entry
  • 'Tradein-VehicleFeatures' → logging the completion of vehicle options or features details
  • 'Tradein-Complete' → indicate the successful submission of the trade-in form

This new functionality not only simplifies the user experience during trade-ins but also provides valuable insights into customer interactions at different stages, enhancing overall engagement.

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