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Equifax Integration

Equifax solutions can help identify and target new customers, verify consumer identity, understand consumer financial capacity, manage risk and minimize fraud throughout the car buying process.

Key features of Orbee's Equifax integration

Data is safely and automatically transferred between Orbee and Equifax via FTP

Leverages Equifax's household-level datasets for enhanced data insights and targeting

Identifies sold vs. unsold customers and analyzes economic trends

Enables personalized marketing campaigns based on income brackets or age demographics

Equifax Integration Overview

Equifax is one of the nation’s largest consumer credit reporting agencies that provides shoppers’ household level datasets to Orbee, containing information regarding total income, ability to pay, and spending power. These Equifax datasets contain over 50% coverage of U.S. wealth data, featuring 95+ of the top financial institutions nationwide.

Powered with Orbee’s CDP (data from CRM integrations and shopper metadata collected from our tracking script), we offer a combination of these powerful datasets to our customers that can be used to facilitate complex marketing strategies.

Orbee appends known shopper PII with Equifax’s economic indicators to identify sold vs. unsold customers, identify economic trends of sold customers, and create more targeted unsold customers lists using these findings – grouping by income bracket or age demographics to update advertising messaging per group via email marketing.

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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Equifax and Orbee

Streamline and optimize marketing with Equifax. Utilize Orbee's integrated marketing stack for personalized campaigns, targeted ads, multi-channel optimization, and more!

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