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RouteOne Integration

RouteOne dealers can experience simplified software that executes the credit process using tools and solutions engineered to work as a connection hub to financial partners to get the credit approvals needed.

Key features of Orbee's RouteOne integration

Facilitates the electronic submission of credit applications to multiple lenders, streamlining the approval process

Offers electronic contract management and signing, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of finance contracts

Provides features to help dealerships adhere to regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance in all financial transactions

Seamlessly integrates with dealership management systems and third-party services, centralizing and simplifying the financing process

RouteOne Integration Overview

RouteOne is a digital platform designed to streamline the vehicle financing process primarily for automotive dealerships. The core functionality of RouteOne centers around its credit application system. Dealerships can use RouteOne to electronically submit credit applications to multiple lenders simultaneously. When a customer decides to purchase a vehicle and requires financing, the dealership inputs the customer's information into RouteOne's system.

In collaboration with Orbee's tools, RouteOne can track the progress of their customer's form interactions as website events. This allows for dealerships that uses RouteOne to see how far along their customers are with filling out the credit form. Then, they can offer different forms of follow-up to re-engage with those who have left their forms abandoned.

To learn more about our integration with RouteOne, check out our product updates.

RouteOne Segments

Vehicle Buying Process Segments

Segment Name Description
Start Your Vehicle Buying Process (Form Started) Shoppers begin the vehicle purchasing journey by starting the initial form on the dealership's website.
Start Your Vehicle Buying Process (Step 1 Completed) Shoppers complete the first step of the vehicle buying process, likely providing initial contact information or vehicle interest.
Tell Us About Yourself (Step 2 Completed) Shoppers provide personal information, such as name and contact details, completing the second step of the application.
Residential Information (Step 3 Completed) Shoppers enter their residential information, moving further along in the buying process by completing step three.
Income and Employment (Step 4 Completed) Shoppers detail their income and employment history as part of the financing application in the fourth step.
Vehicle Information (Step 5 Completed) Shoppers provide details about the vehicle they are interested in purchasing or leasing, completing the fifth step.
Application Review (Step 6 Completed) Shoppers review the information they've provided in the application, completing the sixth step of the process.
Application Consent (Step 7 Completed) Shoppers give their consent for the dealership to process their application, marking the completion of step seven.
Dealer Privacy Notice (Step 8 Completed) Shoppers acknowledge the dealer's privacy notice, completing the final step before submission.
Application Complete Shoppers finish the entire vehicle buying process application, potentially leading to a vehicle purchase or lease agreement.

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