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xtime Integration

XTIME is a leading automotive service scheduling and management platform that streamlines and optimizes dealership service operations. With online appointment booking, service advisor tools, and customer communication capabilities, XTIME enhances the customer experience, improves service efficiency, and boosts revenue. It enables dealerships to efficiently manage service appointments and deliver exceptional service.

Key features of Orbee's xtime integration

Seamlessly read xtime scheduler data with the Orbee script's plugin

Efficiently segment the customer's journey within the xtime scheduler

Automatically synchronize xtime data with the main website's data for seamless integration

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences for informed decision-making

xtime Integration Overview

Orbee's xtime integration simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing customer data within the xtime scheduler. With the Orbee script's plugin, no additional installation is needed within the xtime scheduler. Instead, Orbee seamlessly reads the data-layer, allowing for efficient segmentation of the customer's journey.

By leveraging the power of Orbee's segmentation capabilities, the customer's journey is effectively broken down into meaningful segments. This segmentation process helps dealers gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. With a clear understanding of the customer's journey, dealers can make informed decisions to enhance their marketing efforts and improve overall customer experience.

Moreover, Orbee's integration with xtime ensures that the data from the scheduler is automatically synchronized with the main website's data. This synchronization not only enables seamless identity resolution but also provides a holistic view of the shopper's journey. By combining the data from xtime with other website analytics, dealers can gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers' interactions and preferences, enabling them to deliver personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns.

In summary, Orbee's xtime integration streamlines the tracking and analysis of customer data, empowering dealers with valuable insights into the customer's journey. By leveraging segmentation and synchronized data, dealers can optimize their marketing efforts and provide a seamless customer experience throughout the car buying process.

xtime Segments

Segment Name Description iFrame Customer Info Entered Shoppers start the process of scheduling an appointment by entering their information. iFrame Step #1 Completed Shoppers complete the first step of scheduling an appointment by selecting a vehicle. iFrame Step #2 Completed Shoppers complete the second step of scheduling an appointment by selecting services. iFrame Step #3 Completed Shoppers complete the third step of scheduling an appointment by selecting transportation options. iFrame Step #4 Completed Shoppers complete the final step of scheduling an appointment by selecting the appointment time. iFrame Conversion (Appointment Confirmed) Shoppers confirm their appointment, completing the scheduling process. iFrame Cancel Appointment Shoppers cancel their appointment.

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