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Audience Builder Enhancements for Efficient Audience Management and Campaign Customization

Launched on:
May 16, 2024

Introducing the latest enhancements to the Orbee Platform Console's Audience Builder, we are thrilled to unveil a suite of features designed to elevate your data management and audience targeting experience. With the integration of the "Add & Remove Reprocessing Methods" functionality within Integration Lists, users gain unprecedented control over data processing, allowing for precise customization to meet their unique needs. Additionally, improvements such as the searchable dropdown for list names and the ability to upload lists with multiple emails per cell streamline workflows, enhancing efficiency and usability. 

1.  Add & Remove Reprocessing Method

Users can now enjoy enhanced control over their data management processes with the addition of the "Add & Remove Reprocessing Methods" functionality within Integration Lists. This new feature empowers users to finely tune how data is processed within their integration lists, offering the flexibility to add or remove reprocessing methods as needed. Whether refining existing methods or incorporating new ones, this update ensures that users can tailor data processing to their specific requirements with ease. When creating or editing an integration list, users are presented with clear options between "Add & Remove" and "Append Only" reprocessing methods, each accompanied by descriptive tooltips to aid in decision-making. Additionally, existing lists default to the "Append Only" setting, but users have the option to switch to "Add & Remove" for more comprehensive data processing. This enhancement addresses previous issues where updating an integration list only appended new members, resulting in inaccuracies due to outdated criteria. 

2.  Searchable List Names Dropdown

Users can now quickly and efficiently locate and select the desired list without the need for manual scrolling through a potentially extensive list of options. The addition of a text input field at the top of the list dropdown within the Integrations tab enables users to type in the list name or relevant keywords, filtering the dropdown to display matching list names and those containing the typed keywords. This feature aims to streamline the audience building process, ultimately saving users valuable time and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. The implementation of a typeable bar in the integrations tab of the creating new list page was suggested to facilitate easier lookup of lists. Users can now simply type to find the desired list or similar content, eliminating the need for exhaustive scrolling through all segments. The feature has been successfully deployed and is now live, ensuring users can benefit from improved efficiency and ease of use in their audience building tasks.

3.  Include and Exclude on List of Lists

This enhancement allows users to finely tune their audience targeting by specifying which lists to include or exclude from their campaigns. The addition of this feature streamlines campaign management, empowering users to create more targeted and personalized campaigns with precision and efficiency. By incorporating the Include and Exclude parameters into the payload of the POST lists/accounts/{accountToken}/lists endpoint, users can now specify their targeting criteria with greater flexibility.

This enhancement is accessible through the Email Marketing platform under Marketing > Lists > + New List. With the ability to add, reclaim, and manage lists while utilizing the Include and Exclude feature, users can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

4.  Replace Column Name with Column Description

This enhancement addresses an issue encountered when creating lists with customized fields that included renamed column names, resulting in errors that made the lists unusable. For example, changing a column name like "showroom_url" to "Showroom URL" caused SQL processing errors, disrupting the list creation process. To resolve this issue, the solution involves passing the column description to the user interface (UI) as the column display name whenever it's available. If a column description isn't available, the system defaults to using the column name. For instance, in the marketing database vendor table, the column "alternatemodels" is described as "Incentive Amount for Model 2." This improvement ensures that when users are creating or editing lists, they see descriptive labels like "Incentive Amount for Model 2" instead of generic column names, providing them with clearer context and facilitating smoother data handling processes.

5.  Add Reprocessing Method labels

This update helps users gain valuable insight into the Reprocessing Method employed for their lists across various views, including list and list detail pages. With the integration of Reprocessing Method labels, users can now discern whether their lists operate under "Add & Remove" or "Append Only" methods, ensuring the accuracy of their audience data. This enhancement is a direct response to user needs, the desire to select a reprocessing method during list creation or editing, aiming for data accuracy and reflecting current criteria when reprocessing.

Users now have a clear choice between reprocessing methods, with descriptions or tooltips provided to explain each method's behavior. Additionally, existing lists default to the "Append Only" setting, with the flexibility for users to change it to "Add & Remove" if necessary. This implementation addresses the current limitation where updating an integration list only appends new members, potentially leading to inaccurate audience data as members who no longer meet the criteria are not removed. 

From enhanced control over data processing methods to streamlined list management and improved usability, these updates represent our dedication to delivering a seamless user experience. As we continue to innovate and evolve, we remain committed to providing solutions that empower our users to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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