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The Orbee Platform Helper: A Marketer's Favorite Browser Extension

Launched on:
August 29, 2023

Introducing the Orbee Platform Helper, a browser extension designed to be a marketer’s steadfast companion. Beyond just a set of tools, the Platform Helper is a virtual guide, ready to assist dealerships in troubleshooting, answering queries, and providing insights about their website users and the events they generate. The Orbee Platform Helper facilitates real-time visibility into the data collection and coordination of Orbee’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), ensuring accurate and consistent data capture. 

A Must-Have for Data-Driven Marketers

Using Orbee’s Platform Helper allows marketers to simulate the user experience, ensuring that events on their websites are firing correctly and providing a firsthand perspective of the user journey. This proactive approach offers several benefits:

Accuracy in Data Collection

By testing events as they fire in real-time, marketers can ensure that every interaction, such as navigating to a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) or clicking on specific CTAs, is accurately captured. This ensures that the data feeding into analytics or other platforms is reliable.

Optimized Retargeting

Ensuring that social ad platform retargeting pixels are correctly installed and firing events means that users can be retargeted with precision. This leads to more effective ad campaigns and better ROI.

Efficient Audience Segmentation

By verifying that the correct marketing segments are active, marketers can ensure that audiences are generated appropriately. This is crucial for tailoring marketing or advertising campaigns to specific user groups, leading to more personalized and effective outreach.

Cost Efficiency 

Incorrectly fired events or misconfigured pixels can lead to wasted ad spend. By ensuring everything functions as intended, marketers can optimize their budgets and avoid spending on misdirected efforts.

Improved User Experience

By stepping into the shoes of a user, marketers can identify potential friction points or areas of improvement in the user journey, leading to a more seamless experience for actual users.

In essence, a platform helper acts as a safety net, ensuring that all backend configurations align with the marketer's intentions, leading to more informed decisions, effective campaigns, and enhanced user experiences.

How to Start Using Orbee Platform Helper

Step 1: Find Your Account’s API Key

From the platform go to your name in the top right corner and select 'View Profile'. Once there you can scroll down to the 'Api Keys' section to generate the key.

The Orbee Platform Helper within the chrome web store.

Step 2: Install Orbee Platform Helper

Visit the chrome web store and search for Orbee Platform Helper, then install the extension to your browser.

The API Key field within the Settings tab

Step 3: Enter The API Key

Navigate to your website where Orbee’s javascript is installed and open the Orbee Platform Helper from your browser’s extensions panel. Click the “Settings” tab and input the API key you previously generated.

Step 4: Explore The Features and UI

The Events Tab

Events: This feature offers dealership marketers a real-time glimpse into the actions visitors take on their website. By monitoring events like clicks, form submissions, and active segments, marketers can ensure that every interaction is correctly tracked, leading to accurate data collection and analysis.

The Viewed Vehicles Tab

Viewed vehicles: Navigate around your site to various VDPs and ensure that they are added correctly to your list of View Vehicles. Using this feature to test your website will ensure that shopper profiles and marketing segments are updated correctly.

The User Tab

User: Showcases user state and segment data linked to your user cookie, including visit count, timestamps, source/medium, and segment audiences, providing valuable metadata for core services and potential recycling in other services such as segment audience generation.

The Settings Tab

Settings: Shows plugin settings including API key and TMS environment. Validating the API key enables access to detailed plugin information, while the environment section is primarily for internal use, offering alternate versions for testing and debugging.

The Plugins Tab

Plugins: Manage your TMS environments seamlessly through this tab, enabling you to view, select, and update plugin configurations in-line, enhancing internal efficiency and testing capabilities.

The Segments Tab

Segments: Provides an overview of all segments and their integrations (First party, Google, Facebook, etc.) linked to your account, serving as a reference for enabled segments. For segment rule testing, utilize the “events” or “user” tabs.

Step 4 (optional): Troubleshooting

If you need further assistance or a guided walkthrough of this feature, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Customer Success Managers. We're here to help!

Get Started With The Orbee Platform Helper

As the automotive landscape continues to shift, the Orbee Platform Helper emerges as a beacon of support for dealership marketers. By equipping them with real-time event insights, user data, segment details, plugin controls, and even a heatmap, it offers a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing customer experience. Whether you're deciphering user behavior, optimizing campaigns, or fine-tuning your website's performance, the Platform Helper stands ready to provide the clarity you need.

Install the Orbee Platform Helper and get started or visit The Orbee Community to ask questions about how other marketers are leveraging the Orbee Platform helper.

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