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What is Customer Experience Software?

November 30, 2023
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What is Customer Experience Software?

The ABC's of Customer Experience podcast aims to clarify commonly misunderstood terms and concepts related to CX. In this episode, Alex Davani and Atul Patel discuss the meaning of customer experience, which encompasses all touch points between businesses and their customers. The conversation also explores how various systems, including CRM and marketing platforms, interact to provide a seamless CX. The podcast highlights the need for middleware, which unifies disparate systems, enabling them to communicate with each other, ultimately creating a cohesive CX. Finally, the podcast touches on how major tech and data companies provide software to enterprises with an emphasis on CX.

Question 1 - What is Customer Experience?  

Customer Experience (CX) is the term being used to describe the unification of the all-inclusive touch points your company has with prospects and customers at all stages of the customer journey.  This includes sales, e-commerce, in-store experiences, service, marketing, advertising, etc. 

Question 2 - What makes a CX platform different from a CRM, CDP, Marketing Platform, etc. 

CX is the culmination of all the elements that comprise these softwares. An effective CX platform makes it easy for all these disparate systems to connect. 

Question 3 - Can you give some examples of other industries using CX?

Oracle recently launched an Advertising and Customer Experience platform that allows companies to advertise to prospects and loyal customers who have already bought and are expecting to see advertising at the right time through the right channel. Adobe’s entire business software is now called “The Experience Cloud”, along with Microsoft and SAP launching similar CX products. All of these enterprises are converging their systems into a full suite of capabilities that are interconnected for CX.

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