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Gubagoo Integration

Gubagoo is the leader in conversational commerce for automotive. Dealerships use their powerful digital retailing solution to activate the online car buying experience from their website or Facebook. Their fully managed live messaging service instantly connects consumers to dealers anytime and anywhere through live dealer chat, text, video and Messenger.

Key features of Orbee's Gubagoo integration

Facilitates seamless integration with Gubagoo's chat tools

Applies custom segmentation to enhance Gubagoo's chat functionalities

Optimizes lead generation and conversion with personalized experiences

Boosts conversion rates through personalized experiences via Gubagoo’s chat

Gubagoo Integration Overview

To begin the integration process, Orbee provides account information to Gubagoo. Once Gubagoo confirms that the account information has been connected, Orbee verifies the connection and implements custom segmentation.

Custom segmentation allows Orbee to apply specific data points to Gubagoo's chat tool on the website. By segmenting data from the digital retailing tools, Orbee can gather a more comprehensive view of the shopper journey and identity resolution.

With this integration, Orbee can provide more personalized experiences for shoppers on the dealer's website. Dealers can better understand the needs and preferences of their customers, leading to more effective lead generation and conversion. Overall, Orbee's Gubagoo SDK integration is a powerful tool that can help dealers optimize their digital retailing strategy and improve their overall performance.

Gubagoo Segments

Segment Name Description
Chat Widget Closed A shopper has closed the Gubagoo live chat widget after viewing or interacting with it.
Chat Widget Opened A shopper has opened the Gubagoo live chat widget to initiate a conversation or seek information.
Chat Sent First Message A shopper has started a conversation by sending the first message through the Gubagoo live chat widget.
Chat Reply Sent A shopper has responded in an ongoing conversation within the Gubagoo live chat widget.
Chat View Vehicle A shopper, during or following a chat session, has viewed a vehicle detail page (VDP) through the Gubagoo live chat widget.
Chat / Messaging
Data Flow
In and Out
Integration Method
Event Sync
Manual Upload
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