Using Online Shopper Signals for Digital B-Backs

November 30, 2023
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Jennifer Suzuki, Founder of eDealerSolutions, and Peter Fong, Chief Commercial Officer of Orbee, explore the benefits of providing salespeople with data about a shopper's online activity through the use of what they call "digital b-backs". With the increasing use of online shopping, understanding a shopper's online behavior can give salespeople valuable insights into their interests and preferences. This data can help salespeople personalize their sales pitch and recommend vehicles that are more likely to appeal to the shopper, leading to a higher likelihood of conversion. Additionally, having access to a shopper's online activity can help salespeople identify potential pain points or objections, allowing them to proactively address these concerns during the sales process. Overall, this video highlights the importance of leveraging customer data to enhance the sales experience and drive revenue growth.

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