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Special Assistance Offers by OEMs During the COVID-19 Situation

OEMs are taking steps to help car buyers and dealerships during the COVID-19 situation by offering special assistance offers such as best available pricing and payment plans.

What "Stay At Home" Orders Mean For Automotive Dealerships

Stay-at-home orders include the shutdown of non-essential businesses, but how the order will be enforced remains open for interpretation for automotive dealerships.

Why Dealerships Should Be Classified as an Essential Business During COVID-19

Automotive dealerships should be an essential business because they help provide the people with the essentials they need during this fragile time.

COVID-19 Recovery and What It Means For Automotive Dealerships

Automotive dealerships will need to have the ability to quickly pivot with their marketing efforts during this time of uncertainty after the initial COVID-19 wave calms.

3 Indicators To Help Measure Customer Willingness During Times of Uncertainty

Your dealership should know the indicators of when it is time to spend on advertising and what messaging and advertising channel to focus on.

Digital Marketing Frameworks for Navigating Times of Uncertainty

A clear digital framework to navigate through uncertainty will be crucial to each automotive dealership's success during these uncertain times.

Advertising Channels Your Dealership Should Be Moving Towards As States Open Up

Based on the current status of your dealership during COVID-19, your dealership should reconsider which advertising channels you should be currently using.

Personalize Your Digital Marketing Using Behavior-based segments

Using behavior-based targeting can increase digital marketing spend efficiency and increase the number of conversions while spending less on advertising.

Why Call Tracking for Offline and Off-Site Sources Is Critical in Your Dealership

Call tracking isn't a stranger in digital marketing, yet there are dealerships who haven't considered it an essential piece of their advertising strategy.

Reading Your Customer's Browsing Language

Dealers were taught to read body language when customers were in the showroom. But we know one key truth: online shopping is here to stay. It's time to learn how to enhance your browsing language abilities.