The Most Expansive Integration Library

Orbee's Middleware offers an integration library that centralizes and activates data from both inside and outside the automotive ecosystem.

Orchestrate Endless Possiblities

Orchestrate Endless Possiblities

Send an automated email to users who abandoned a 700Credit application, reminding them to finish.

Retarget users on Google Ads who abandoned the service scheduler.

Automatically send post-purchase email to gauge customer satisfaction.

Automatically email upgrade or trade-in offers to customers with positive equity.

Notify unsold leads via email when new inventory matches their interests.

Retarget Users on Google Ads who showed interest in car rentals.

Automatically email unsold leads who missed their test drive appointments with rescheduling invitations.

Target users who start, but do not finish payment info related forms with Facebook Ads.

Data Your Way

Build workflows that personalize your outreach and enhance your customer experience.

Remind shoppers to schedule a service appointment
Retarget shoppers to complete a credit application
Alert trade-in shoppers about vehicle valuation increase
Alert shoppers when a vehicle they have shown interest in has a price drop
Remind sold customers to schedule a service appointment
Reactivate leads that return to website but do not resubmit a lead form

Explore What Middleware Can Do

Learn how Middleware can help you solve complex problems, build advanced workflows, and utlimately improve your customer experience.

Orbee Dealership Middleware

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What Our Clients Think

Introducing Co-Pilot: Middleware for Marketing Agencies

Improve your agency’s marketing performance with Orbee's suite of personalized campaign solutions, consumer insights, targeted ads, multi-channel optimization, and co-managed middleware.

An icon representing Personalized Campaigns.

Personalized Campaigns

Data-driven approach that enables marketing teams to develop tailored and automated campaigns, resulting in more personalized customer experiences and improved performance.

An icon representing Consumer Insights.

Shopper Profiles

Better understanding of customer behaviors on a dealership’s website, their embedded tools, and existing marketing campaigns through the use of Orbee’s CDP.

An icon representing Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads

Use of Orbee’s DMP to target ads and personalized messaging to specific segments of customers, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

An icon representing multi-channel optimization.

Multi-channel Optimization

Leverage of Orbee's MAP to automate and optimize multi-channel communication strategies for dealership clients, streamlining campaign management and maximizing overall engagement.

An icon representing co-managed middleware.

Co-managed Middleware

Co-managed approach that allows marketing agencies to adopt existing customer experience middleware utilizing the technology of Orbee’s full marketing stack.

What Our Agency Partners Think

Silverback advertising logo.
“More collaboration is what is needed to move forward with the best uses of 1st party data in the most secure ways possible for both dealers and customers”

Shane Stender

Managing Partner at SilverBack Advertising

Brian Pasch Enterprises logo.
"The financial benefits to dealers who create a seamless customer experience (CX) are significant, and one of the keys to achieving a differentiated CX is building a robust CDP that can now be offered by an agency utilizing Orbee’s Co-Pilot solution.”

Brian Pasch

Founder of the Pasch Group

Hippo media group logo.
“We wholeheartedly recommend Orbee as the preferred data company in the automotive space and encourage dealerships to explore their offerings without hesitation”

Scottie Sigmon

President of Hippo Media Group

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