Westside Auto Wholesale's Success Story with Orbee's CDP Technology


In this interview, Chris Vazquez from Orbee sits down with Luke Manion, Chief Digital Officer of Westside Auto Wholesale, to discuss their groundbreaking approach to customer experience. Fresh off their victory in securing the first-ever MRX Award, Westside Auto is setting the bar high in the automotive industry, particularly in how they enhance customer experience using CDP technology.

The focus of this conversation is on the ingenious ways Westside Auto leverages Orbee's cutting-edge middleware and Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology. Luke Manion reveals the secret sauce behind their success: the strategic segmentation of website visitors based on their shopping behaviors. This segmentation is not just about understanding customer needs; it's about actively engaging with them through personalized, automated email campaigns and retargeting digital ads, driving a significant increase in returning website visitors.

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the synergy between technology and effective marketing strategies in the automotive industry. It's an eye-opener to the possibilities that lie in smart data use and customer engagement.

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