CallRevu + Orbee | Integrated Podcast at NADA 2024

6 min

Featuring Ben Chodor, CEO at CallRevu, this episode introduces the integration between Orbee and CallRevu to elevate customer journey analytics within automotive retail. By integrating CallRevu's advanced call monitoring data into Orbee's platform, this integration aims to equip dealerships with deeper insights into customer interactions. With CallRevu's assistance, dealerships gain insights into call origins, reasons for unanswered calls, timing of unanswered calls, and ad attribution. Each call is instantly transcribed for further analysis, allowing for swift troubleshooting. Additionally, CallRevu provides analysis on caller quality and context, as well as insights into previous transactions, empowering dealerships to refine sales tactics and navigate conversations with customers more effectively, ultimately maximizing lead generation. This enhanced understanding enables dealerships to deploy more targeted and effective marketing strategies while fostering improved customer engagement.

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