Thomas Automotive | DMSC 2024


In this video from DMSC 2024, we meet up with Ken Salem, VP of Organizational Development at Thomas Automotive to share insights from this year’s conference.  

The auto group has been in discussion with Orbee around creating some customized solutions  to enhance their data. Thomas’s main goal is to always strive to create the best customer experience by targeting out to the right people at the right time. Ken is intrigued by Orbee’s CDP to connect the “pockets of data” that currently remain siloed.  

Kevin Jones, Area Sales Manager at Orbee joins the conversation to discuss how the use of analytics and reporting make ad spend more efficient.  Maximizing advertising ROI has become even more critical amid recent market shifts. 

Ken elaborates further, highlighting Thomas's utilization of Power BI to identify new tools and partnerships for relevant data. He underscores the importance of finding vendor partners, such as Orbee, that acknowledge their desire for data ownership and control. Additionally, Ken emphasizes the significance of selecting vendors who actively support the process, enabling precise control over messaging and seamless connectivity with other vendors.

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